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Age of Conan is set in a low fantasy, pseudo-historical ancient world called the Hyborian Age created by Robert E. Howard. The warlord Conan has seized the throne of Aquilonia, but ancient evils seek to overthrow him. This site is here to supply free guides for Age of Conan so all your gameplay questions are no longer with the Age of Conan Dungeon.

This site will be updated overtime with new guides, so please check back later for more Age of Conan Guides.

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UPDATE - January 2016:  I am getting into Overwatch!  The game is amazing and it's going to be the next big game everyone will be playing!  I like it so much that I am working on a strategy guide for Overwatch here!





Age of Conan Guides
Explanation of the various Features in Age of Conan
Quick AoC Fixes and Improvements on how to run the Game Better
Class Guides
Age of Conan Demonologist Gameplay FAQ
Demonologist Skills to Get
AoC Demonologist Class Guide
Bear Shaman's Totems, Feats, Manifestations, and Aspects References
AoC Bear Shaman Feat Build Guide
Age of Conan Dark Templar Guide
PVP Guides
Age of Conan Guide on how to Deal With PvP Gankers
Leveling Guides
Tortage 1-20 Age of Conan Guide
Dungeon Guides
AOC Summary Map of all the Group-Instances
Age of Conan Dungeon List
AoC End Game Dungeon loot/Gear

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