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I've been playing AoC since late beta and have been playing a Bear Shaman pretty much since I started. I currently play a level 80 Bear Shaman on Fury.

I'm going to list three builds, with an explanation of each.


Playing on a PvP server in a PvE-heavy game generally gives you some tough choices. It always has done in every PvP game. Ideally you want to be able to play PvP to the most of your class ability, but you want to be able to do your job in PvE too. In AoC this is always the case, as even on a PvE server the game is slanted to PvP too, with minigames and sieges and such. Luckily for Bear Shaman, we have builds available to us that can do both very effectively.

Build 1 - PvP/Raiding Build

This is the build that I currently use and personally consider to be the best Bear Shaman build out there.

PvP/Raiding Build Link

Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is essentially only one path to take in the Wrath tree down to WotW, and WotW is essential to a PvP build. It forces you, at the point before you hit Tier 4 (Grizzled Hide) to put 2 points into either Ursine Brawl, Crushed Bones, or Skulk. Well, Skulk sucks, and Ursine Brawl is better than Internal Bleed at 80 when you should never be using the bleed. Then, once we have WotW with the tree as shown, we need three more points to get Rampage; the three points max out Ursine Brawl. This fulfils the build's criteria because Ursine Brawl is a reasonable attack to use in PvP (though I don't use it often) and a great attack for PvE (it should be chained by your Bear Shaman on most bosses and raid mobs) so, although it would be nice to have those 5 points in something better, c'est la vie.

Where Bear Shaman builds really are chosen is the Spirits tree spec. This build essentially buys all the best stuff from Tier 2 and 3 - some people like to take Rune of Slaughter, but its impact in PvP is so negligible and needs so many melee hits which you just don't get, that it's poor. On Tier 5, we have taken Manifestation Rabies for its destealthing abilities and Rune of Aggression for its PvE usage (great when your raids is using bows, etc) since there's really nothing better to take. Manifestation Regrowth is essential for PvE and we really have nothing better to spend the points on. Then we spec into the much maligned Iron Hide tree; Balance of Nature 5 is a must for all Bear Shaman, Blood Healing is an important raid skill (I mocked it too until i started using it; really, all healing counts on raids so it's worth having, as long as you're aware of how it works) and all of this extra healing power stacks and can be useful for mass healing in PvP when AEs are flying. Finally, the build ends up with one point, which goes in Iron Hide; even though it's not as good as a Tier 9 should be, it's still reasonably good and you won't find anything better for 1 point, plus you already have the prereqs.

There are tweaks that can be made to this build for personal preference; you can save points on the odd ability such as Aggression or Iron Hide; you can drop Rampage and 3 points of Ursine Brawl; you can drop Blood Healing; these can be spent on other popular abilities such as Claws of Life or Rune of Slaughter. Really though, the spec posted is the optimal way to spend your points.

Build 2 - PvP Purist

Build Link

This build is, as you can see, very similar to Build 1. Why is this, you may ask? Well, quite simply, 65 points of a Bear Shaman's spec should pretty much always be the same. We have so many amazing abilities and so many bad ones, that it's really not hard to see where to put most of your points.

Anyway, this build is at this point broken and should not be used, because Booming Roar does not work. But I'm posting it here anyway, because it's a fantastic PvP build that also has the essentials for PvE (basically, Regrowth and Balance). Despite my hatred of Rune of Slaughter it's included here because it isn't *bad* per se, and since this is a pure PvP build it's better than Rune of Aggression. You could drop it and take RoA and put a point somewhere else random, but then the second point would be a little bit wasted.

The main point of this is to get you Booming Roar, which is worth everything you miss out on and have to buy to get it, because 6 second AoE silence in PvP is amazing. Imp. Adrenaline Surge is pretty good too since the Untamed Regen nerf, and also comes in handy for things such as chasing down fleeing people, or saving the odd bit of cash on mana potions whilst raiding :P

Build 3 - Pure PvE

I'm sure there's some of you out there who are having a hard time on raids, or who don't PvP at all, and are wondering how best to spec for PvE. Alternatively, there are some people who love Presence of Mind 5. That includes me, although it's not good enough to justify everything you would usually miss out to get it, imo. However, if you do fit any of these criteria, here is how to build your BS:

Pure PvE Build

Something has to give for Presence of Mind 5, and that something is WotW and some of the stuff leading up to it. We keep the all-important Ursine Roar and the healing abilities from Spirits, then take the required in the general tree. It's fairly simple, and there's not much to explain, but if you want to free up points for PoM that's the way to do it.

Well, that's by no means every single valid way to set up a BS, but they are pretty much the best ways (to within a variance based on some personal choices) to do it.







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