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From my experiences here's my take on some of the skills so far for the Demonologist, listed in no particular order! Oh, and off the top of my head I can't recall the specific names of some of the skills, but I can always edit those in later.

- Casting Concentration: This is a definite must have. You obtain it pretty early on (level 5) and without it you'll immediately notice you'll get interrupted during casting a lot. If there's any one skill I'd suggest maxing out every level, this is it.

A good bit of the cloth armor I've seen has + CC on it as well, so that can help once you reach higher levels and a lot more of the skill options become available.

- Renew Mana: Another must have, which will also have a companion skill called something like Mana Attractor. With both maxed at early levels, you should never run into too many situations where mana is an issue.

We'll also have the first feat on the general Mage tree as a mana regen boost, as well as one of the later demon pets that buffs us with + health and mana regen.

- Stamina regen - I can't recall the exact name on this one, but what it does is add stamina regen to the 'Rest' skill. It's an easy one to overlook as it's not going to factor in much at low levels, but looking ahead Spellweaving feeds directly off of Stamina. In PvP this is going to become extremely important, because A) Spellweaving drains Stamina over time and B) Our one fail-safe method of escaping melee range is to sprint away - something that also consumes Stamina C) Active blocking is yet another stam. drain for us, but it can save our bacon if it keeps combos for hitting us for max damage.

You won't need to dump points in asap (unless you find yourself sprinting a lot) but it's something to keep in mind for later levels for sure. The gear that adds +cc I mentioned above can help shift some points here if needed.

- Climbing: Not excessively used, but in some places it may be a necessary evil. The early destiny quests will require at least 1 point spent, and there will be some places later on where you might need more than that, though again, it's nothing excessive. For example only having 50 points out of 300 in some places will be plenty (climbing points should give an on screen message letting you know if you don't have a high enough skill / how many points you need in it)

- Hide: This is a tough one for me, as I can see both pros and cons with it.

First, it doesn't include our familiar. So if you have it summoned in PvP you'll want to dismiss it before using Hide at all, or else your location is pretty much given away.

Moving while hidden (which applies to all but rogue archetype classes) is another Stamina drain. So stealthing into casting range can mean A) no Spellweaving until our Stamina regens and B) No sprint if we get into trouble.

Both of those things said, the element of surprise can and will help us win fights we otherwise might not. For example: Popping out of hide we can get Fires of Gehenna cast on a target 2 or 3 times before they ever hit us with a melee weapon, giving us a definite advantage. By the time they reach us, our absorption shield is enough to deal with a first combo - from there it's a careful balance of dodge / cast and knowing when to do which.

So yea, that's a tough one for me.

- Bandaging: Of the characters I made, some I maxed this skill and on others I didn't. To be honest I preferred putting the points elsewhere, since we have low HP and "Rest" will regen it extremely quickly. That's just my take on it though!







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