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       Here I intend to create a complete list of loot in all level 80 dungeons. What I would like is for everyone to screenshot ANY loot they receive in any high level dungeon, and then post it here. I'll take care of editing the images and updating the post. This will make it alot easier for our coming level 80s to gear up, as well as our alts. It doesn't seem that any of the big AoC databases are getting many updates so this is probably the best way to go. And remember which boss it was looted from.

Credits to: Leomaris (US), Succis (EU)


19.06.08 - Added several items to Atzels Fortress and Onyx, among them a nice dagger, 2 shields and a 2H Mace.
18.06.08 - Added items from several bosses in Onyx and Atzels, completed another generic set.
17.06.08 - Added alot of generic prefixed armors, some sets are now complete.
16.06.08 - Initial public release.

Halls of Eternal Frost

- Un Nefer

- Un Nefer's Spirit
Acheronian Ancestor
The Scorpian Cave
- The Gargant - no loot
- The Abomination - Constantius
Caravan Raider's Hideout - (No trash)

- Varl the Wrathful - Medjian the Unholy
- Jathred the Life Drinker
- Sethick Bloodblade
- Prince Abaddon
The Onyx Chambers - Map

- Farseer [Quest Boss]
- Skull Splitter [Quest Boss]
- Tramplerage [Random]
- Grinder [Random]
- Crushgore [Random]
- Harrowmane [Random]

- Undying Scion
- Wenric Gorm
- Saadeth the Sacrificed [Random]
- Suthotun the Strangled [Random]
- Vahaben the Disemboweled [Random]
Kamu-Hoten the Stoned [Random]
Talimes the Rotten [Random]
- Shulit [Quest Named]
- Belshah [Quest Named]
- Kesh [Quest Named]
- Black Ring Slave Mistress
- Black Ring Bane Master
- Nefru
- Neftummon

- Nefer-Tali the Terror
  • Bloodseraph Boots - Heavy Armor - Feet (missed the screen, will get one)

Atzel's Fortress Finished - Guide

- Brokk the Smith
- Talon the Spymaster
- Tainmic
- Amunhoten
- Osithmes
- The Widow
- Lord Suth
- Menhotep & Awar
- Lieutenant Ulf
- King Atzel the Nithing
  • Bloodseraphs Chestguard - Heavy Armor - Chest
  • Nihilistic Slippers - Cloth Armor - Feet (forgot to screen these aswell, I was getting tired)

- Rorik the Ghost
Resource Instance Dungeons
There is one large loot table shared among all the bosses and trash in the resource instance dungeons. This table includes two sets/prefixes for each class, consisting of 8 pieces covering 8 slots, namely: Chest, Head, Hands and Legs which are not tradeable. And Wrists, Shoulders, Feet and Waist which are tradeable. One set has a random (mostly 78-79 ) level requirement, the other has a level 80 requirement. There are no set bonuses as these are not proper sets but rather a set of prefixed generic items.

- General
- Guardian - Plate armor
Indomitable - Picture Dauntless
- Conqueror - Heavy armor
Battlemaster Exemplars
- Dark Templar - Heavy armor
Baleful Tormentors
- Barbarian - Light armor
Ragereaver Berserker
- Ranger - Medium armor
Hawksight Ravenwing
- Assassin - Cloth Armor
Blackshadow Darkshroud

- Priest of Mitra - Light armor

- Tempest of Set - Light armor
Empyreal Skyfury
- Bear Shaman - Medium armor
Rendclaw Beastfury
- Demonologist - Cloth armor
Abyssal Nadiral
- Necromancer - Cloth armor
Shadowmancer Soulbinder
- Herald of Xotli - Cloth armor
Rageflame Ascendant
Raid Loot


Champion of the Honorguard






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