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Dark Templar Facts and Infos

Compiled by Leinez This little guide is a compiled collection of important Dark Templar facts and threads from the general beta forum. Most of the posts where posted by me. If not, I have included the writers name. Iíve played a total of 244 levels as a DT (through 2 beta wipes)! I was in the general Beta since October 2007. And I play a lvl 80 Dark Templar on EN Wildsoul PvP.

Have fun with this small guide

Table of contents

Dark Templar Facts and Infos
Dark Templar Ė What is a Dark Templar?
Dark Templar general Infos about the Archetype
Dark Templar skills and abilities
Dark Templar ability Ė Sadism Ė Facts and Myths
Dark Templar Crowd Control writeup
Dark Templar Feat overview
Depravity Tree
Desecration Tree
Soldier General Tree
Skill points distribution
Feat spec examples
Leveling / solo grinding spec
Lvl 80 Tank spec
Lvl 80 pve group dps spec
Heavy CC spec

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Dark Templar ó What is a Dark Templar?

The Dark Templar as a soldier archetype is one of three tank classes in AoC. He uses dark magic and poison to devour and kill his opponents. And he uses auras and spells to boost the power of his team-mates. He can sacrifice a bit of his own health to heal his fellow team mates.

One key ability of the Dark Templar are his lifeleeches. There are several buffs, combos and feats which enhances his lifedrain. The lifedrain is always a % value of his melee damage. On lvl 80 fully buffed, a Dark Templar will get to about 25% lifedrain. This is huge and a great benefit over other melee classes.

The Dark Templar uses Auras, which are a group wide buffs, covenants which are only personal buffs and spells. He can only have one aura and one covenant active at any time. But he has many different covenant at his disposal.

The Dark Templar has many abilities which add "procís" (reactive magical damage effects). Some of them trigger if he hits someone, other trigger if heís getting hit. The procs are mainly unholy damage procs. Some of them are poison. He has some aoe procs too, which is really great to solo.

He has some very handy Crowd Control abilities at his disposal. But thatís one of his problems too. All the Crowd Control lays in his feat trees. This means he wonít have crowd control if he doesnít feat it. This makes a DT very weak in the early game to pvp with.

A Dark Templar will shine in pve and pvp equally. With his lifeleeches, crowd control and handy group buffs, he will be a valuable team member in group pvp.

Dark Templar general Infos about the Archetype

The Dark Templar is a soldier archetype. He will get Frenzy Stance and Defensive Stance at about lvl 15. The Dark Templar will get a charge ability at about lvl 18.

Light Armour Ė LvL Req: 1
Medium armour Ė LvL Req: 1
Heavy Armour LvL Req: 30

1H Edged Ė LvL Req: 1
1H Blunt Ė LvL Req: 1
Crossbow - LvL Req: 50
Shield - LvL Req: 1
Talisman Ė Lvl Req: 1 #

#Feat - Talisman mastery - You only gain a benefit from using a talisman if you have the Talisman Mastery feat trained, in relation to the effects on your soul covenant spells (you can still offhand them for the mods from the item, regardless). If you have TM trained to max and are holding a talisman in the offhand, the power of most of the triggered effects from the soul covenant you are running is increased by around 40% (for rank 5 TM). This only ever affects your soul covenant spells, not any other spells you have (doesn't affect Aura of Dread Fury, for example). Keep in mind that most of your magical attacks will also be passively increased by using a Talisman when compared to without, even if it doesn't have a specific Unholy Damage buff on it. This is stated by a dev.

If you are 2 DTís in a group. Sadism wonít proc on you if the other DT gets hit. Martyrdom doesnít stack either (all healing effect from the same classes donít stack). You can have different auras up and everybody in the group will get both auras.

Despite some myths, the Dark Templar will never be able to dual wield or use 2 Ė hand weapons.

There is unholy magical damage and there is unholy melee damage. Unholy magical damage will give you health back if you have magical lifetap skilled through improved aura of dread fury, cabalistic hunger or if you have sadism stacked.

Unholy melee damage will be added and summed up to your normal melee damage. You wonít see this damage as "unholy melee damage" in the combat log. But you will see a damage increase in your normal hits. A good example for unholy melee damage is aura of dread fury which gives the whole group a unholy melee damage buff.

Dark Templar skills and abilities

- leech life: buffs yourself with a lifeleech buff.
- A soul for our feast: This is another lifeleech combo, but it will provide the lifeleech buff to the whole group. The strongest a soul for our feast is needed to spawn the Dread Shadow pet.
- Blood for Aid: Debuffs the enemy with a armor penetrating debuff. And your hit rating against that enemy is increased.
- Mystical Bane: Does a bit of mana damage to the enemy. (Can be improved via feats to proc a mana restoration effect on you, and another feat adds unholy damage equal to the mana damage: great combo if fully feated!).
- Unhallowed Blight: You place a % unholy damage debuff on the target for a short time.

Spells / Auras
- Drain Life: You place a Lifetap Buff on yourself. Which stacks with DrainLife etc.
- Blood Pact: All your hits will return 100% health. Damages yourself and has 30min cooldown. Can be reduced via feats.
- Martyrdom: Damages yourself and places a HoT effect on your team and yourself. Can be feated to return mana and stamina too.
- Aura of Dread Fury: Your hits and the whole party melee hits will do a passive amount of unholy damage which is added to the weapon damage. (This is not stated in the combat log). And if you get hit, it can proc a minor aoe damage effect.
- Aura of Infusion: If you get hit there is a chance, that you and all party members in the area of the aura will get a HoT.

- Covenant of Pestilence: If you get hit there is a chance that a aoe damage effect procs. And the covenant places a -5% hinder movement debuff on you.
- Covenant of War: If you get hit there is a chance that you will gain a minor damage shield and a minor damage reflection shield.
- Covenant of Vengeance: All your melee hits have a chance that covenant of vengeance procs. It will add unholy damage to all your hits while active.
- Covenant of Invulnerability. This Covenant is similar to soul barrier. When it procs, it absorbs damage and converts a part of the damage into mana damage.
- Covenant of Death: If you get hit there is a chance that you will get another +1,9% drain life buff. This is pretty much it. Keep in mind. You can only have one aura and one covenant up at the same time. Blood Pact will overwrite drain life.  -Combo list!

Dark Templar ability ó Sadism ó Facts and Myths

Sadism is still a thing which isn't quite clear. How to gain sadism, what does sadism.

Sadism is gained very early as a passive ability (had it when I could group the first time at lvl 5). Sadism procs when someone in your group gets hit. Sadism is a self buff only. Sadism can be stacked up to 10 times. The sadism buff wears out if he isn't refreshed after 10sec. If your sadism counter reaches 10 you begin to pulse aoe unholy damage every 3sec.

Sadism gives you every stack +1% damage +1% lifetap +1% magical damage +1% magical lifetap (as you can see stacked to 10 sadism is just godmode!) [the +100% magic lifetap value is just a temporary description bug]

There are many feats which are connected to sadism:


Depravity tree:

Vile Soul - Effect: You will start to pulse aoe damage when your sadism counter reaches 8 / 5 rather then 10.

Masochism: - Effect: There is a chance that you add a sadism counter when you get hit

Sadistic Vengeance: - Effect: Your sadism counter will be raised by 1 every time covenant of vengeance procs


Desecration tree:

Ritualistic Bloodshed - Effect: Gives the Dark Templar a clickable ability to increase the sadism counter by one. However it takes 15% of your mana pool. And the cost is increased by 2% with every stack. The cooldown of the ability let you stack sadism to 10 and keep it up as long as you have mana left.

How to get to 10 sadism stacks as fast as possible and keep it up to get the most out of it:

If you have specced all the depravity feats mentioned above, you can stack sadism even if you aren't in a group. But you will only stack sadism if you fight (get hit or proc covenant of vengeance). And you can only keep it up by fighting. Contra: If you make a pause which is longer than 10sec, sadism will wear out. And you have to stack it up again from 0. If you are tanking very much. Masochism will do the task quite good. Because when you are tanking, your group members wonít get hit that much. But in group pvp you will have sadism up at 10 in notime.

I only spec into ritualistic bloodshed for pvp, to keep sadism up at 10 during pauses. If you spec into ritualistic bloodshed you can stack sadism by clicking on the ability. You can stack sadism before a fight to 10 and if you have enough mana regeneration or a mana potion running. Contra: You will be out of mana all the time if you spam ritualistic bloodshed! And if you forget to press the ability and the timer wears out you have to stack again from 0. And its easy to forget to press the button, especially if you are engaged in a pvp fight.

Final note: you can see, that sadism stacked to 10 is a godly buff which helps in every situation cause its passive and counts towards every hit and proc. In group pvp situations, stacking sadism wonít be a problem at all. If you play solo. You have to spec into a feat connected to building up sadism counters to get a profit out of sadism.

Dark Templar Crowd Control writeup

Snare: Dark Burden
Duration = 10 sec
Effect = 35% hinder movement
Cooldown = 30sec
Range = about 4m (relatively close)
Where is it attained = Tier 3 Depravity feat
Comment: Not a bad spell. Awesome to close the gap to a fleeing enemy, or to flee for yourself.

Fear: Dooming Presence
Duration/Effect = 6 sec aoe fear
Cooldown = 60sec
Where is it attained = Tier 8 Desecration feat
Comment: Itís a AoE fear spell which leaves you snared for a short period.

Stun: Mind Wrack
Duration/effect = 3 sec cone stun
Cooldown = 50sec
Where is it attained = Tier 5 Depravity feat
Comment: Itís a instant combo now. You click the button and bang.

Stun: Mind Shatter
Duration/effect = 6 sec cone stun
Cooldown = 55sec
Where is it attained = Tier 7 Depravity feat
Comment: Itís a instant combo too. With some range and a great arc. Awesome combo. And a must have for pvp.

Dark Templar Feat overview

This Feat overview is compiled from 3 Threads. One is from caedas and the other one about the newer feats is from me. I have updated all the feats which have changed since beta.

Depravity Tree

Blighted Touch - Works just fine. At 5 spec it procs often, multiple times during a fight vs a single mob. It used to go off at least twice during a fight vs a +1-2 level mob. Now I sometimes don't see it for two or tree fights in a row. But... when it does go off it is for roughly 50-110.

Blighted Soul - It works, and even when fighting a single mob this effect procs, seemingly as an additional aoe effect. The aoe damage is rather low, doing anything between 8 and 30 damage, it seems. It also has random seeming range. Two mobs could be right on top of each other and none of my procs will hurt the secondary mob. Other times they are further apart and the aoe burns the secondary mob down to half health by the time I'm done with the first.

Crystalized Ether Ė This is plain and simple natural mana regeneration. Spec into this feat if you got constantly low on mana while spamming soul barrier or ritualistic bloodshed.

Dark Hand - Boosts the dps of your weapon. This seems to work, as the bonus damage is apparent when you hover over your weapon in the inventory screen. Great thing for leveling up in the early levels, and not too shabby in the lategame. Passive damage enhancement.

Devouring Blood Frenzy Ė Itís another lifeleech proc while you are in frenzy stance. Spec this if you have other frenzy feats like guarded frenzy and imp frenzy. The amount leeched isnít a % value. Its more some kind of flat proc. And you wonít leech much hp with this feat.

Consuming Bulwark Ė Itís almost the same as devouring blood frenzy, but it procs in def stance when you get hit. Spec into this if you go for a pve tank. It heals me for 22 at lvl 52 when it procs.

Pact of Malacodor - Trains the spell "Pact of Malacodor" if used, gives all melee attack a unholy proc. However this spell consumes a significant amount of life force. This spell consumes about 1 / 5 of your life force if used. (in normal stance) It will give all your melee attacks a unholy proc for the next 30 sec. It hits only enemys who are hit by your weapon. Its a 100% proc chance on a hit. Its useful if noone hits you. Not very useful while leveling.

Devourer's Might - Increases damage of the Feast and Leech combos. Against a series of level 41 mobs I made the following observations, attacking single shielded sides of the mob: Without feat, Feast and Leech would hit for anything between 110-178 With feat, Feast and Leech would hit for anything between 120-215. So it appears it does boost damage, but it isn't significant. Before my testing, another DT (level 40) said that he used Feast often, stating that it would do "300 damage per hit, as opposed to Enraging Strike III, which did half that". Now, for me this is utterly untrue. I had stopped using Feast due to its massive stamina requirement and meager damage compared to basic styles. Even with Devourer's Might, Feast basically equaled ESIII or Unhallowed Strike.

Dissipate Ether - Boosts mana damage of Mystical Bane combo. Seems to work.

Incinerate Ether - Allows Mystical Bane combo to deal damage to target 50% of mana damage. Requires Dissipate Either. This will change your Mystical Bane combo from a mediocre combo to a decent combo! The damage from incinerate Ether is unholy damage.

Spell: Dark Burden - This works. This is your snare spell. 35% hinder movement.

Vile Soul - You will start to pulse aoe damage when your sadism counter reaches 8 / 5 rather then 10. Comment: The pulsing aoe damage is not that great that you will use this feat often. There are much more useful feats in terms of stacking sadism. More later.

Dread Lord - It is supposed to reduce cooldown time of your combos. It is fixed and its working.

Sadistic Glee Ė The chance to get a sadism counter is increased. I somehow donít get the use of this?!í Because if a group member gets hit there is (in my experience) a 100% chance to get a sadism counter. Maybe this feat is related to Masochism.

Reaper of Malacodor - Trains the spell "Reaper of Malacodor" Grants all your melee hits a aoe unholy proc. However it consumes a significant amount of life force. You will have a aoe unholy damage on every hit for 30 sec. Its a 100% proc chance on a hit. However when used it consumes exactly 50% of your life force (it kills you if you are in frenzy ). Very good in situation where you aren't getting hit and there is need of aoe damage.

Combo: Mind Wrack - It works. You get a new melee combo. It is a one step combo, and deals fairly decent damage. Its your first stun. TAKE IT! It will boost your pvp survivability by a great amount!

Ether Reap - Gives mana regen chance upon hitting with Mystical Bane. Since I tested it about 10 times and a mana regen effect kicked in each time, I'd say this wasn't as much a chance as it is a sure thing. At level 46 I had five pulses of 16 mana each (80 mana total), which is much better than any other mana regen effect the Dark Templar currently has.

Hexer's Might - This is basically the same as Devourer's Might, but affecting Blood for aid. Its another great combo damage booster.

Gore Fiend ĖAdds a sadism counter when a group member scores a fatality. I donít think this feat is really worth taking it. Most of the time sadism will be up at 10 stacks in group play at no time (if you arenít tanking). And your group members wonít do that much fatalityís.

Masochism - Gives you a chance for a Sadism counter when you're struck. At full 5 point spec, against two equal level mobs, I would perhaps get two stacking Sadism counters, at most. Take this if you play solo, or if you are tanking all the time. Not that bad. It will get better and better with higher levels. Because there you will fight against many mobs all the time. And this lets you stack sadism quite well. And because sadism is such a great buff, this feat isnít to underestimate.

Touch of Death & Air of Death - Gives you a clickable ability, that when activated, boosts damage of your next combo. It has about a 30 second cooldown, and added about 55-113 unholy damage (I forget what level I tested it at, likely around 45) to my next combo. So for 5 feat points you get a little bit of damage every 30 seconds. Air of Death makes that damage AoE.

Sadistic Vengeance Ė This will give you a chance to gain a sadism counter when covenant of vengeance procs. This with masochism lets you stack sadism to 10 very fast if you get hit by many mobs. Goodly above lvl 60 to solo grind and quest. With covenant of vengeance and sadism stacked to 10 you will kill as fast as if you have frenzy stance on. But donít forget the 10% more health tap etc. I love it!

Combo: Mind Shatter - This combo is a beautiful thing. The earlier (and prerequisite) Mind Wrack did respectable damage and had about a 2.5 second stun. Mind Shatter is so much more. Itís a s6ec stan with range and a very wide arc! Really a great thing for pvp! Unholy

Strength - Allegedly raises the damage of all Dark Templar combos. It is down the list of feats in this tree, so I already have Devourer's Might and Hexer's Might. Itís the ultimate combo booster!

Drain Strength Ė It adds a -5% strength debuff on the target. Not too shabby against melee targets. Cause debuffing the target is never bad.

Ravenous Eater - When you use a Leech life or Soul for our Feast combo. It grants you a secondary effect wich boosts your damage for a short time. If i use Leech Life VI it will give me +45 damage for 5 sec. This is huge! Good if you want to land your finishing blow after a life leech opener.

Dread Shadow - When you use your strongest "a soul for our feast" combo it will summon a dread shadow pet who fights on your side for a short time. It summons a very cool looking dread shadow which fights for about 10 sec. Very unique feat, and very high on the coolness list. And the Dread Shadow hits very fast for about 50-140 dmg. The Dread Shadow will draw loads of aggro. Normally it will even draw that big bad bossmob away from the guardian. Its nice to give the maintank some sec to relax.

Desecration Tree

Devouring Touch Ė Adds 4% passive lifetap to your melee strikes. Good feat combined with all the other lifeleech combos and abilities.

Vigor Leech & Ether Leech Ė Adds a stamina / mana drain effect to your drain life buff. Vigor leech is almost a MUST HAVE for pvp, because running out of stamina is a big issue in pvp. Ether Leech is also great for mana recovery if you spam soul barrier or ritualistic bloodshed.

Spell: Covenant of Arms - It works, and it works well. Coupled with Blighted Touch and Corrupt Weapon, you have a nice series of stacking unholy damage procs. Both Blighted Touch and this go off rather frequently, in my experience. These are good feats for the level you acquire them.

Curse of Gwahlur - Grants you a chance to inflict the curse of gwahlur on a enemy who strikes you. It will feed you with life as it damages the enemy. Stacks up to 3 times. A nice feat. It procs quite frequently and it will provide you with some life per tick. But its not that much. And the damage is quite useless. But you can feat around covenant of arms with this feat.

Talisman Mastery Ė This will boost your active covenant if you have a talisman equipped. It doesnít matter what kind of talisman you wear, you will get the boost. At lvl 80 it will increase your covenant of arms by 40%. And thatís quite a lot! Great feat if you like to go the dps way. Because magical damage is the best way to enhance the Dark Templar dps.

Improved Dread Fury- Effect: It improves the aura of dread fury with magical lifetap. A very useful feat! It converts 4% of your proc unholy damage into life for you. Very nice if used together with covenant of pestilence and cabalistic hunger, because the massive aoe damage. If you fight with such feats against many mobs you will actually gain health.

Corrupt Weapon - A very nice two point feat, and it works. This goes off about as often as Blighted Touch and Covenant of arms, and it is a bleed proc, affecting the enemy three times, for around 15-30 damage each, every activation (thus about 45-90 damage each proc).

Improved Soul Covenants - Raises frequency of Covenant effects (thus the frequency of Covenant of arms and other covenants)

Approach of Death - Another excellent, working feat. Anytime Covenant of Arms goes off when the enemy is at about 50% or lower, an additional damage effect procs. It hits for about 9-39 damage, and sometimes it goes off TWICE during the same Covenant of arms activation.

Improved Martyrdom Ė It adds a stamina and mana restoration effect to martyrdom. Not too shabby in group play..

Sacrificial Fury Ė When you use martyrdom. You will get a melee damage buff for a short time.

Soul Barrier Ė This spell has gone through a lot of changes during beta. But as it is now itís a great survivability spell. It converts a part of mana damage into mana damage (but never more than 50% of the damage inflicted). It stays on you for 18 sec or you run out of mana.

Ritualistic Bloodshed - Effect: Gives the Dark Templar a ability to increase the sadism counter by one. It uses 15% of your mana pool and the cost is increased by 2% for every stack. If you spam RB you will be out of mana very fast! Use this to keep Sadism up at 10 during pauses.

Desecrated Blood Ė It lowers the damage which the covenant of war inflicts on you if it triggers. And the chance to proc is increased.

Improved Infusion - I havenít tested this one, but it might be great in group pvp situations. Because aura of infusion (unfeated) is decent too..

Soul Infusion Ė If you get hit with a spell while you have soul barrier up, it will convert a part of the damage into mana for yourself..

Improved Blood Pact - Reduces the cooldown of the Blood Pact spell. At full spec it reduces Blood Pact cooldown from 30 minutes to 5.

Invulnerable Soul Ė This enhances the covenant of invulnerability to absorb triggered blows (whatever triggered blows are?!?).

Cabalistic Hunger - A small lifetap when one of your procs goes off. And it is small. Weaker than your standard, 1st tier melee lifetap. A Blighted Touch proc going off for 150 would heal me for 6 points or so. As other lifetaps, it is a percentage of your damage dealt. This is most useful with Covenant of Putrescence due to how often it procs, but still only feeds you 3-4 health most of the time (at level 60). A full life-tap build may find use for this.

Vile Pestilence - Boosts the damage of the covenant of pestilence. If you play a lot with covenant of pestilence up (soloing, or tanking) you might find this useful.

Body of Pestilence - Removes the 5% movement penalty when using Pestilential Body.

Pestilential Cloud - Increases Pestilential Body area of effect. I can't be sure on this, but it seems to work. When fighting 3 mobs, they would all get hit every time, at a reasonable range.

Spell: Covenant of Putrescence - This, my fellow testers, is your best friend as a Dark Templar. It is a variation of Pestilential Body. Instead of the proc activating when you get hit, it activates when you strike. Itís a mix of covenant of pestilence and covenant of arms. And it has the best out of both. The damage from covenant of arms and the aoe effect of CoP. At level 60, without Talisman Mastery, it does ~65-95 damage, and with it, the damage increases to ~80-180. That's per hit, in an AoE.

Vile Putrescence - Increases the area of effect of Covenant of Putrescence. Once again, this is tough to test. I will assume that it does work, because I can move around while fighting 3 mobs and they will all take the AoE damage.

Dooming Presence - Summons a terrifying cloud of fear in a area around the templar. A fery useful pvp move, cause you can combine it with the other stuns from the depravity tree. Godly in pvp!! The new animation is quite cool too! A warping pillar of doom comes down on the templar and explodes around him.

Warped Dread - The dark warrior's outworld is so strong they can summon its power to protect themselves, absorbing damage. The shield also warps reality so enemy hits are likely to miss. When activated the enemy gains a -50% miss chance debuff for 6 sec. The shield however doesn't function while i was testing it. Maybe a good combo in combination with covenant of invulnerability and soul barrier.

Soldier General Tree

This was posted by johnnie0jr. I rewrote most of it cause of many complaints.

Tier 1 Feats

Recovery - This will give you natural health regen. "Natural" means in and out of combat! It scales when you level up. So its very decent for leveling. And its great all the way up to lvl 80.

Tier 2 Feats

Stone Skin - Gives 1% resists to all spells per point in the talent, 5% at 5/5.

Improved Frenzy Stance - Increases both the physical and magical damage of Frenzy Stance by 2% per point, 10% at 5/5.

Hateful Strikes - Purely a pve ability, just helps hold aggro.

Goad - Another pve only ability, basically your taunt from other games.

Improved Defensive Stance - Itís in the "Livesaver" feat line. So if you go full Tank in def stance. You almost have to get that talent. It gives you +3% physical resist for each point in it.

Iron Skin - I find this to be a really nice feat. It adds 1% per point to all 3 physical resistances and poison. A very solid tier 2 feat, scalable and all around nice.

Tier 3 Feats

Burning Vigor - Itís similar to surging health. It procs a life restoration effect on incoming spell strikes.

Sustained Rage - It adds Melee Damage to your weapon. Just like Dark Hand in the Depravity Tree.

Counterstrike Stance - It enhances the defensive stance with a reflective shield. Its seems not much while normal leveling. But maybe this is great if you tank a boss which hits hard, and reflects big numbers to himself.

Surging Health - This is a great feat if you have to tank many mobs or if you are aoe grinding levels. It gives you a 2% chance to proc a heal effect on yourself. And if you get hit by many mobs this will proc very often.

Tier 4 Feats

Guarded Frenzy - This feat will "mod" your frenzy incoming damage malus. Unfeated Frenzy is +50% more damage done, and +100% more incoming damage (double damage). Guarded Frenzy will decrease the damage malus from +100% incoming damage to +70% incoming damage. So with imp frenzy and guarded frenzy you will change your frenzy stance from: +50% / +100% to +60% / +70%. Not too shabby. Take this if you like frenzy stance.

Cunning Deflection - It seems to reduce the damage of the next attack (or maybe even all attacks that hit in the same second as the next attack) by 50%. Has a 30 second cooldown and a 20ish second duration, or until hit. The first melee swing to hit you after using this ability will also cause the attacker to take a decent bit of damage (120-130 at 27). Has no stamina cost.

Anticipation - This is another damage reflecting shield while you are in def stance. But it has a proc chance. Take this one if you are up to aoe grind or if you have to tank several mobs.

Lifesaver - If you are about to take all the def stance feats. You have to take this too. It adds another passive health regen if you are in def stance. And passive healt regen (natural healt regen) is always welcome

Tier 5 Feats

Volcanic Rage - Increases damage by 20% for 20 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown.

Improved Goad Mob - Untested but appears to increase the range/effect of Goad Mob.

Goad Mob - Untested but appears to be an aoe taunt..

Skill points distribution

This was asked in the forum. But to answer that is not really easy.

Spend them where you like. Put about 200 in climbing, you will need it to complete some quests, and to get up that little ladder in the onyx chambers .

Another good investment are bandaging, fast healing, recovery etc. to get more and faster health and stamina back when you use rest. This will shorten your downtime between fights.

Put some points in taunt if you like to be a tank in the future, so you wonít loose aggro.

Put some points in hiding to be able to hide if necessary.

The feats in endurance and run speed are kind of wasted, because the effect is marginal if you donít put in many many points in it.

But in the end its your choice which way you spec yourself.

Feat spec examples

Leveling / solo grinding spec

This spec is built around masochism and sadistic vengeance to raise your sadism counter when fighting. And all the other feats to boost your combo damage.

With this spec you will be able to kill large groups of enemy's very fast. Much faster than with any soldier spec. And because you have sadism stacked, you will gain a lot more survivability through lifeleeches. Recovery is essential too.

Lvl 80 Tank spec


This spec has the necessary soldier feats to enhance your def stance. Combined with the desecration feats like soul barrier and warped dread you will be able to withstand a lot of punishment. The only problem will be your mana. You will be oom quite fast. So if you tank a boss you should take a mana pot.

Keep in mind this is not "The Tanks Spec". But you should at least take soul barrier and the soldiers feats to gain survivability. Warped dread is awesome cause of the +50% miss chance debuff on the target.

Lvl 80 pve group dps spec

This spec is built around the idea of gaining additional dps through damaging unholy procs.

Everybody knows that a Dark Templar isnít a dps beast. However with a talisman and talisman specced you can gain a lot more magical damage.

Iíve took covenant of arms and approach of death, cause this covenant will gain the most of the talisman feat. (about 40% damage increase through the talisman feat = Covenant of Arms will hit for 450+ damage in normal stance) As a additional damage source I took pact of malacodor. When you are in a group, you will have a healer behind you, this way you can use pact of malacodor without any risk to die.

Usually you will be in frenzy stance with this spec. When using a talisman instead of a shield you will trade a lot of defense against melee enemys. So you will die fast if you have aggro. Donít overshoot, let your maintank keep the aggro.

Heavy CC spec  

This spec is built around all the CC abilities which are available to the Dark Templar. However to get to the aoe fear you have to spend 10 points into covenants. This spec is good in group pvp where you need much CC.







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