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Age of Conan Demonologist Gameplay FAQ




How is the Demonologist class to play?
I think they're a pretty solid class - at first glance they might appear to be a somewhat traditional wizard or mage type class, but once you get further into the feat trees and higher levels they really transform into something fairly unique.

Does the Demonologist do the most damage?
This is something that's shifted around a bit as class balancing is tweaked etc. I would say however that they have the potential to be one of, if not the highest DPS class.

Part of that is based on how Demos function - again it will depend on where you put your feat points, but a lot of our spells will increase our damage potential with each successive cast. So you might start a fight seeing dps closer to what the listed damage amount is for the spells you cast, but by the 5th cast you'll be dong perhaps 10% more etc. We also get quite a few temp abilities that can boost overall dps by 10-25% for short periods.

As far as what I've seen currently though, the high dps classes are Demonologists, Assassins and Rangers.

I am a big fan of PVP, how does the Demonologist do in PVP? does it have some cc?
Well, CC can be an issue, especially if you focus on the Conflag. feat tree. That said, I think Demos are extremely effective in PvP, especially if you play with an organized group. The biggest issue really is Assassins and Barbs popping out of stealth and smacking us with stuns or knock backs before we're able to react.

For example if u take a warlock in WoW and compare it to a Demonologist in AOC are it any simile´s?
Or is the Demonologist more like a mage?
I've played both a Warlock and a Mage in the past, but it's really hard to draw too many comparisons between either of them and Demos.

For example, Demos are a very DD / AoE focused class, but at the same time our DD spells can be augmented to have both splash damage and a DoT component - then you can use something like Detonation which will end the DoT on Fires of Gehenna and turn it into an AoE explosion ... or you can augment that same spell so that if your target dies with Incinerate (the FoG DoT) active, you have a chance of causing a fatality that leaves their corpse burning on the ground for even more DoT area damage... and on it goes.

So basically there might be elements of both a Warlock or Mage, but Demos tend to play different than either. A big thing being how we grow more powerful the longer we fight, but beyond that it's a bit hard to describe vs. experience first hand.

Does the Demonologist run out of mana often when playing solo in the early levels? Then I might consider putting spells into the renew mana skill early on.
In the early levels, not really. Mobs die fairly quickly all through the Tortage phase (apart from bosses and mini-bosses) so it doesn't take nearly as much mana per even level mob as it will once you hit level 20 and move out into the open world areas.







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